AWAY is one of my absolute favorite artists right now. Everything he’s made thus far has been gold – from his debut remix of THEY.’s “Motley Crue,” to his most recent remix of BØRNS’ “American Money”. Now, after a long few months, he has just put out his debut original.

“Sleepwalker” is a dark song, filled with beautiful writing and emotion. Starting off quickly with London Thor’s vocal resting above a guitar and strings, the song quickly moves towards its climax through a somber prechorus. Upon reaching the songs climax, we’re treated with a sonic flurry. With glitchy synthesis, a dark vocal chop, and massive drums, the song truly takes a turn from somber to pure darkness.

In my opinion, the song is a masterpiece, and AWAY is one of the most talented songwriters/producers coming up right now. Listen to the song below, and enjoy a free download through Lowly Palace here!