I first stumbled upon Sanjoy a few months ago on Spotify. His sound made me feel like a cross between color festivals in India and the pop EDM world The Chainsmokers are dominating. The young producer has already seen incredible success collaborating with American Idol season five alum, Elliot Yamin. Sanjoy a native from San Jose, says of the original, “Those are the moments in life one can never forget and that everyone could connect to instantly.”

This version takes us on a journey of musical discovery; keeping the vibe of the original, Sanjoy explores what the bass vision of his sound could represent. Weaving and diving between synths this drop builds and turns to allow you to groove and jump all at the same time.

Earlier this year, Jason Lymangrover from iHeart had some thoughts about the current and upcoming music — “Directly on the heels of the 2016 release, Sanjoy recorded two more singles, ‘Obvious’ and “Shangri-La.’ Each continued his proclivity for cross-hatching genres by including Bollywood influences, but skillfully coalesced a dance-friendly, mainstream, blue-eyed pop format as well.”

Listen to Sanjoy’s “ethnic bass” remix of his hit “Obvi” below.

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