One of the more exciting up-and-coming producers tackling the electronic music scene at the moment, Melbourne’s Herzeloyde gained steam after having a song premiere through NEST HQ among other accomplishments. His latest effort finds him remixing the Australian duo Cosmo’s Midnight‘s track “History,” giving it an upbeat, dancefloor-ready facelift.

Herzeloyde’s remix of “History” turns up the vocals into high-pitched, distorted chants and splices, adds relentless high-hats, introduces a flurry of claps and injects the original track with a welcome sense of energy. The house edge recontextualizes the track for an entirely new audience, also bridging the gap between EDM and house by offering an adept mix of both electronic music subgenres. For every typical 4/4 beat, Herzeloyde dabbles with fun sounds and warbles, but his remix never veers far too toward that “main stage EDM” realm.

Listen to Herzeloyde’s remix of “History” by Cosmo’s Midnight below: