Music videos are tricky things, especially in the EDM sphere. For songs usually without lyrics, artists are usually relegated to odd combinations of visualizers or a thrown-together plot line. Obviously, the addition of lyrics and an inherent meaning to a song will help in these endeavors.

The music video for “Heartlines” by EMBRZ is a brilliant example of artistic and musical creativity combining for an otherworldly experience. First and foremost, the track isn’t totally “EDM” – it’s not something you’d hear on the main stage of a festival. The video, in a way, reflects this. It represents a series of quaint and disarming scenes following along with the lyrics, showing the story of two separate worlds connected by the oddest of circumstances: sewer grates.

One world is beautiful but lonely, the other is bustling with commotion, but otherwise unfulfilling. In the video, the two worlds never officially merge, though the video is “to be continued.”

We’re excited to see the continuation of this story in the future. For now, check out “Heartlines” featuring Meadowlark below, via Ultra Music.

With the release of this video, EMBRZ also announces his debut EP Progress, out July 7 via Ultra Music.

“When I was writing music my dad would always ask me ‘Are you making progress?’ – Which is where I got both the name and concept from. I like the idea of ‘progress’. Progress is never a finished destination, it’s always about constantly improving, experimenting and exploring new ideas. Which is kinda my philosophy when it comes to music production. My goal for this EP was to put together a collection of tracks that varied in style as I’ve always been a fan of multiple genres.”