If you love banging your head against the rail and slugging sweat across the front row of a rave, then this EP is for you. KJ Sawka has been making ripples in the news recently with the resurgence of Pendulum Live, but in this instance, it’s his young and thriving dubstep label Impossible Records¬†making the headline.

Hailing from Sapporo Japan, iso:R brings a unique sound and style to his productions that help him stand out from the crowd of bass producers. Brutal breakdowns and insane saws are the calling cards of this master swordsman as he slices and dices samples and melodies to create intricate tracks that take no prisoners.

This insane producer brings us all of the twists and turns we would want in a dubstep record and then some. “Maid In Japan” is our favorite, what is yours? Check out the¬†Kagetora EP below.