From the vast American landscapes to the ever so active UK community, Sam Reeves AKA Ownglow is no stranger to us at Your EDM. Through his overflowing passions in the drum and bass genre, he relocated to London to chase after the dreams that kept him up at night. Since then, he’s proved time and time again what he’s truly capable of. With collaborations with pioneering legend Logistics and remixes from Cartoon, the sky is the limit for this young firework of a producer.

Now, after the massive success of his debut EP on Hospital Records, Reeves has loaded another clip into his discographical chamber in the most amazing way.

“Glo-Mello-Flow” is a tune that invokes a specific feeling that resonates deep in the pit of your stomach. Something that kicks your pheromones into high gear… and in all honestly, this is the type of song that makes people fall in love with music all over again. Well done, Sam.

You can preorder the entire EP here: