As a DJ, the tools you use make all the difference. The difference between Zedd using Traktor and another DJ using Serato or Pioneer might not seem like that much from the crowd, but behind the booth, it’s everything.

Recently, a new competitor has started to encroach on the monopoly that Pioneer has created, and its name is Denon. Denon isn’t new to the music tech world by any means, but its new series of mixers and DJ equipment has many DJs turning their heads, including Tiësto, who has just officially changed his rider to request Denon instead of the typical Pioneer CDJs.

Laidback Luke, Oliver Heldens and Paul Oakenfold have also changed their player and mixer of preference.

As more top-tier DJs jump ship, it will be interesting to see how what equipment a DJ uses will influence the general fan base, or if it will at all. And most clubs exclusively use Pioneer – booking a DJ who doesn’t, who includes different gear on their rider, means ponying up the dough for a niche group of DJs. It might even affect booking at clubs.

Check out a demo of the Denon DJ SC5000 PRIME below.


Image via Jordan Loyd