We’ve had a number of premieres for NOISIA here at Your EDM, something that I’m personally very proud of. And we would like to keep that streak going with the premiere of Noisia’s “Outer Edges” remix of their own “Dead Limit” with The Upbeats, from their 2015 EP, Dead Limit.

Noisia actually uploaded a joke VIP on April Fool’s, but fans can finally be satisfied with the real thing. It’s been two years and an album since “Dead Limit” was first released, so the style on the remix follows more closely with their Outer Edges style than anything else. Lots of syncopated synths and off-kilter drum beats merge to create a wholly unanticipated sonic event unlike much of anything being released today.

The full 5-track Outer Edges (Noisia Remixes), not to be confused with Outer Edges (The Remixes), is out this Friday, June 9. Pre-order here. You can also catch Noisia on tour this summer, find dates and locations here.