It’s always a breath of fresh air to the drum and bass community when Calyx & Teebee start pushing out releases, with their unique style which seems to defy subgenres and their style of hard-hitting bass than anyone can enjoy. In 2017, the duo deigned to re-explore the era of drum and bass that sparked their passion when they began working together in the early 00s.

This is where, among other singles, “Blown” has come from. This track releases on RAM today, June 14 and has some seriously rolling dual drum tracks which indeed hearken back to 2005-era drum and bass rollers. That said, it’s also a thoroughly modern track with a melodic, almost eastern-inspired musical sample which ties in all the grinding basslines. The track also goes back even farther than the 00s, as both Calyx and Teebee have been producing since the late 90s, and the bassline and low samples may have been taken directly from early-Ram-and-Moving-Shadow-era sample packs.

Given all the different eras and style elements contained in “Blown”, one might assume it’s a bit of a hodgepodge or mashup, but it’s actually one of the more cohesive-sounding tracks put out on RAM recently. It’s highly danceable but will also scratch that dark dnb itch that so many dnb heads are craving of late.

“Blown” releases today, June 14 on RAM. Click here to stream and purchase.