The Chainsmokers are heading up a campaign for a throwback, yet classic clothing brand — Tommy Hilfiger.

Fusion of fashion and music has been heavily incorporated into Tommy Hilfiger campaigns over the years, which was highly popular in the 80s and 90s and seems to be making a comeback!

“The Chainsmokers are at the center of modern pop culture and their music resonates with a global audience,” said Tommy Hilfiger himself of the new global ambassadors. “I admire the way they have carved out a new niche that fuses indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop. Alex and Drew are truly the perfect definition of today’s Tommy Guy – their talent, optimism, unique sound and effortless cool have made them standout in the music world. We’re extremely excited to work with them in the fashion space.”

With the power of The Chainsmokers, we’re guessing we’ll be seeing much more of the brand’s iconic logo represented at festivals, concerts, and other events in 2017! Would you rock Tommy Guy x The Chainsmokers?

Source: Business Wire | Courtesy Tommy Hilfiger Campaign Photo