Rising house and techno producers’ latest tracks have reinvigorated acid house, bringing the wonderful subgenre back to the forefront of underground electronic music. The latest producer to incorporate acid into his productions is Makeness, an up-and-coming house producer with a new EP releasing on Friday, titled Temple Works.

Makeness’ new single “Micro Boss” drops days before the full Temple Works EP release, but it provides a great taste of the producer’s full potential. While an acid backdrop gives the single flavor, a number of seemingly disparate elements come together to form a very cohesive and rewarding track. “Micro Boss” packs in a slightly distorted kick straight out of ’90s raves, high-hats fit for the soundsystems at clubs like Fabric and Printworks, synths ranging from melodic to psychedelic and more without ever cluttering the track. The track may feel a bit derivative compared to a lot of the forward-thinking house music being released these days, but “Micro Boss” hints at great things to come from Makeness.

Listen to “Micro Boss” by Makeness below: