Aussie producer Blanke has been drawing attention over the last few months with his almost too heavy bass lines and electro pop-inspired melodies. He’s being put with Yellow Claw, Zomboy and Kill the Noise already in the pantheon of experimental bass music, and his new two-track Curiosity EP is more proof of Blanke’s bass prowess.

While the title track on the Curiosity EP is a grinding, trap-style bass banger, the B-side, “Nashi” is a different direction entirely. A little bit bass house, a little bit hardstyle, “Nashi” still has Blanke’s signature grinding bass but with a number of melodic, almost orchestral breaks. The beat changes a number of times to accommodate these melodies, some of which hearken back to 90s progressive house, and some of which are actual analog piano tracks.

“Nashi” is a mélange of a track with many parts to it. It can be listened to as one steady pop song, but it will also be a great festival track for the summer for DJs to mix in parts or as a whole.

The Curiosity EP releases on Downright records Friday, June 16 and can be purchased on a number of platforms here.