Trap worlds collide — between bass music producer QUIX, newcomer Young Sidechain, and rap icon Gucci Mane in “Rat Traps!”

Deep horns, fat bass, an anxious build, and Gucci Mane’s signature stylings lay down the foundation for the trapped out anthem, but when the drop takes over “Rat Traps” — it’s all over. The track quickly goes from dirty to straight up disgusting, and will give you automatic “stank face” to match.

Gucci goes in…

I’m in the cockpit / Tryna stay focused
And I got bug spray for all you cockroaches
I’m icy as a bitch / How could you not notice
And I got rat traps for all you fucking rodents

“Rat Traps” is available for free if you jump through a relatively easy hoop: just add QUIX to your EDC schedule and send him the screenshot (directions in SoundCloud description here).

With the abundance trap music on the scene, this one holds its ground as a true, raw gem… Listen here!


Photo via QUIX