Nashville is starting to get a reputation for producing some amazing talent in the electronic realm. With many songwriters and producers finding their home in the Music City, Nashville has now evolved into quite a hub for electronic music. 

With all the new and upcoming talent arriving to this city, one artist especially stands out, and her name is Gabriela. I’m so excited to premiere her debut single, “Trippin’ In A Spacesuit”, a day early for you to hear because this is a tune you’ll find yourself playing over and over again. 

The song is just as great as the name. Her airy voice captures your ears immediately as the beautiful ambiance seemingly keeps you floating in this ethereal bliss the entire four minutes. “Trippin’ In A Spacesuit” is a perfect start for Gabriela and I am very excited to hear what’s next to come for this young artist.

Listen to “Trippin’ In A Spacesuit” below!