Last year, Seven Lions Echos‘ “Cold Skin” came to Monstercat as the absolutely stunning collaboration that nobody expected. This week, the song finally got an official remix package, stocked with six fresh interpretations from both veteran and amateur producers alike.

Whether you’re a long-time basshead, an avid Monstercat fan, or just a casual listener looking for some fresh content, this remix bundle has something for everyone. Right off the bat, listeners will most likely notice two outstanding, recognizable remixers, those being Koven and MitiS, who pump even more emotion into the track with their signature dubstep and future bass styles, respectively.

Though Koven has seen a few releases on the Vancouver indie label throughout the last year, most Monstercat fans will recognize Stonebank and Mr FijiWiji as the standout resident remixers. Once again, these two deliver just as expected, staying mostly within their primary styles.

The only two biggest surprises on the EP actually come from the two fresh faces that were picked, V!RTU and INTERCOM. While V!RTU has gained some serious steam for his distinct brand of indie dance, this remix takes a more chilled approach, combining future bass and melodic dubstep. INTERCOM – on the other hand – is a never-before-heard-of producer that completely knocked his remix out of the park. Juxtaposing cinematic elements with a gritty, glitchy drop, this one is arguably the most unique of the whole bundle.

Which remix is your favorite? Listen to the whole EP for yourself and let us know down in the comment section below!

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