Last we checked, Spotify had well over 30 million songs available on its platform and with artists distributing their songs on the platform daily (it’s really a very simple process) that number is bound to just keep on growing. As you can probably also imagine, 99% of Spotify’s plays are probably in 0.5% of its catalog or something (just ballparking here), but what of the other 99.5% of Spotify’s catalog – surely they also deserve a chance to be streamed?

Don’t worry, because if that sounding mighty unjust to you Forgotify can fix that problem for you. Forgotify is a platform that allows users to stream some of the most obscure, least-listened to music on Spotify because according to them in 2014, 4 million songs of Spotify’s then 20 million-catalog had actually never been played. Not even once.

While the numbers have probably adjusted a bit over the last few years or so, Forgotify’s core concept remains the same. Best of all? With each and every Forgotify play you give an obscure song, that song will probably never show up again on Forgotify because if the product is working as intended, it’s no longer ‘never been listened to.’

Check out Forgotify here for a real chance to check out some music that nobody’s ever heard and probably never will again after you do!