LA-based Danish electronic artist Galimatias has just dropped his first single in over 2 years.

His new track “Let Me Know” is a sonically pleasing and intricately produced future bass track aided by his own vocals. This track will lift you off your feet and take you into the spirit of ecstasy as the acoustics reverberate through your eardrums.

Check out what Galimatias had to say about how he made “Let Me Know.” “I’ve started working a lot more with my own voice, and its been a very driving factor for my inspiration. Not necessarily just to create a lyrical narrative through my music but also to create new sounds. The human voice is truly the most versatile instrument and there’s so much room to explore in terms of sound design. In ‘Let Me Know’ for example, everything up until the chorus except the bass is actually my voice. I did a bunch of different recordings; beatboxing through vocoders while playing chords on keys. Then pieced it all together for what became the foundation of the track.”

Stream “Let Me Know” below.