Dillon Francis just dropped a lot of info on us, in one collective 30-minute live stream with fans!

The video explains his recent, mutual split from Colombia Records as he becomes his own, independent artist under IDGAFOS. He also talks “Say Less” ft. G-Eazy, new music, new album, new collaborations… All that new new!

Here are the 10 most important things we learned from watching the “Say Less, But More” live stream:

1) IDGAFOS is not an actual label, just a means for releasing Dillon Francis material
2) Another collaboration with G-Eazy is coming out soon on his album
3) DJ Hanzel will work under the label “One Deeper”
4) His new album will be entirely moombahton
5) He stars in a Viceland show coming out at the end of summer
6) ZHU is a dream collaboration he hopes to make happen
7) There will be a new IDGAFOS collection coming soon
8) Collabs with Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Bro Safari, Lil Dicky, and more in the works
9) There’s also a track with Skrillex that will be on the new album
10) He has 44 demos ready — and is constantly working on new music

Although we break down the most important parts for you, the video is still worth watching. He teases unreleased music and visuals, talks many more random things, and even gives a tour of his home! Plus, he’s just all around fun to watch!


Photo: Rukes