Emerging German house producers TwoWorldsApart and Marvin Vogel have just brought us a track sure to be heard in many festivals across the world.

Starting with a combination of piano, supporting synths, cinematic drums, and Ralph Larenzo’s strong vocal, the track builds quickly into a bouncy drop. With a catchy melody and strong bass line, “Wild” packs a punch and proves to be one of the strongest tracks from all parties involved.

Showcasing the strengths of both Marvin Vogel and TwoWorldsApart, “Wild” is filled with emotion and energy. From the unique writing style 17 year old Marvin Vogel is becoming known for, to the tastefulness in production TwoWorldsApart showcases across all of their originals and remixes, this song screams “play me!!”.

Out on Illicit, stream “Wild” by TwoWorldsApart and Marvin Vogel below, and snag a free download here!