Fireworks, pyrotechnics and hits like “Firestone” may have had thousands mesmerized at the Kinetic Field, but it was a California couple who “Stole the Show” during Kygo’s spectacular EDC set.

The 25-year-old Norwegian hitmaker and his team helped stage an epic, fairytale proposal during his last track, during which Kevin popped the question to his girlfriend of 18 months, Kaitlyn Rose.

Nine months in the making, the magical moment went down without a hint of suspicious from Kaitlyn, who was enjoying watching her favorite DJ from the VIP area of the Las Vegas Motor Speedway when Kevin suddenly pulled her aside.

“I thought I was being taken to meet Kygo,” she tells Your EDM. “Kevin knows he’s my favorite DJ and he didn’t say anything about it during the whole trip, but then he was like, ‘Come here, come here!’ He took me off the Sky Deck was like, ‘I have a surprise for you… we’re going to go and meet Kygo.’ I asked how he pulled it off and he said, ‘Oh, we went to headquarters and planned it.’”

Escorted backstage, where Tiesto was preparing to take the stage after Kygo, the couple stood and waited, with Kaitlyn still oblivious to the life-changing moment that was about to go down. “Don’t look at them because she still has absolutely no idea,” whispered a staffer, encouraging everyone to ignore the pair, despite their eye-catching, lit-up outfits, which were made by her company, Lucid Life Entertainment.

While Kevin had already disclosed that he had bought an engagement ring, it was only as the couple were taken on stage that Kaitlyn realized something big may go down.

“He kept telling me he got a ring and was really excited about it, but it had been nine months,” she says. “I thought he was teasing me and just dangling a carat in front of my face!

“So, when we were backstage I didn’t have a clue it was about to happen. I thought we were just waiting for Kygo to come out. But when they started pulling me on stage when he was mid-song I was like, ‘Okay…’”

Dancing together, the pair embraced in a kiss before Kevin got down on one knee and pulled out the ring! Stepping back in shock as the audience erupted in cheers, Kaitlyn eventually responded by frantically nodding yes and running to her new fiancé.

“EDC Las Vegas, this couple right here just got engaged, make some noise!” announced Kygo.

Kevin had bid on the chance to propose on stage in Insomniac Events’ EDC Week Charity Auction and lucked out when he got to do it during Kygo’s set.

“We’re both big fans of Kygo,” says Kaitlyn. “His music jut makes you feel in the moment and feels very loving and happy.”

Now the couple just need the DJ to play at their wedding!

“Considering how much effort and money this engagement cost, the wedding should be spectacular!” laughs Kevin.

By Leena Tailor /


Photo via Hamish Tailor