Now that we’ve all had a bit of time to unwind from the craziness that was EDC, we are able to look back and reflect on the music and the experience that was, in so many ways, next level. And amidst the ridiculous amount of talent that graced the ornate stages on the motor way, a few new talents truly shone through; giving us a small taste of what will surely be long and prolific careers.

One of these break through acts was none other than Florida’s Corporate Slackrs, whose hauntingly beautiful new track “Electric Sky” was chosen as the official theme song for this year’s festival! I caught up with the guys to chat about what this means for them, their music, and their future. Here’s a little glimpse at what I found out…

This interview was conducted before Corporate Slackrs’ set at EDC.

EDC is one of the biggest festivals in the world right now — Has this festival in particular been something you guys have wanted for a while now?

We have been locked up in a studio, so it’s exciting to finally get a chance to play these new songs we have been working on.  Of course we have always wanted to play EDC Vegas, but after getting to witness it first hand last year, it became a top goal of ours to achieve.

Are you planning anything special/different for this particular festival that’s new for you? Music/visulas/guests/etc?

We have 3 songs we have completed with Emma Zander who is a very talented singer/songwriter. We will be brining her out to sing live which will be fun.

What are you most looking forward to about playing tonight?

The atmosphere. The fans at EDC Vegas are incredible. You have to be a die-hard electronic music fan to party in the Las Vegas desert for 10+ hours overnight. And 3 nights in a row, that is insane.

Any secret hopes/fears/thoughts you want your fans to know?

We had someone DM our Instrgam page a few weeks ago. He and his girlfriend are HUGE fans and he will be proposing during our set when we play “Electric Sky.” We are very excited to be a part of this special moment which they will forever remember. I hope she says yes lol.

Now looking back — How does it feel having played such a unique looking stage for a sunrise set?!

It was amazing and an honor to be invited to play the upside-downHOUSE aka Insomniac Records stage. We are starting to work with Insomniac Records which we are very excited about. They are a group of great guys. The sunrise set was unreal. Everyone who was at our set was there to have a good time and dance. Even Drew Carey stopped by to hear us play!

What was the best part of tonight for you guys?

Getting to show the world all the new music we have been working very hard on. That and getting to witness one of our fans (Randy) propose to his now fiance (Brook) when we dropped “Electric Sky.” We were glad we got to be a part of their special moment.

How did it feel to hear an artist like Tiesto play your song here?

Impossible to put in into words. It was just a rush of different emotions. He’s supported our music before, but to actually witness it at the EDC Vegas Main Stage was something else. He has since been playing it in most of his sets which we are pumped about.

Now that you’ve done EDC, what’s up next for you?

Just keep an eye out for some more originals and a BIG remix we are wrapping up!

What else do you want to share with us that might give us a sneaky peek into the future of Corporate Slackers?

Be ready for more new music with the new Slackr sound. We’ll leave it at that : )

And with that, I’ll leave you this incredible track that mesmerized the crowds out in the desert. Click here to listen to “Electric Sky”, and check out Tiesto spinning their track in the video below… And make sure to follow these boys as they continue creating, lets just say it, some pretty dope music. Looking forward to what comes next!

Tiesto supporting Electric Sky

Thank you to the legend Tiësto for playing our track "Electric Sky" w/ Emma Zander on the Main Stage at EDC Vegas!!!

Posted by Corporate Slackrs on Tuesday, June 20, 2017