Since the turn of the year we’ve had ODESZA put out new music slowly but surely with four new singles from their forthcoming album A Moment Apart already released. And then there was the insane stadium tour announcement which coincided with the album’s tentative release date officially announced. Now, we’ve been given the album’s tracklist in its entirety.

We’ve already heard four records which have dropped 7 weeks apart. “Line of Sight” and “Late Night” which was jointly released on April 25th and then “Meridian” and final album track “Corners of the Earth.” ODESZA has also notably steered clear of any major pop or hip-hop features, something that’s more and more common in electronic music today but has instead focused on more folk and indie artists like Leon Bridges, Regina Spektor, Mansionair and more.

Hopefully, we’ll get to hear more records from the album soon!


Featured Image: James Coletta