The Black Rock Desert in Nevada, home to the grounds for Burning Man, was recently rocked with heavy rainfall and flooding — and for months it’s been unclear if the water would dry up before the 2017 event!

Thanks to a local publication, Reno Gazette-Journal we were able to see the extent of flooding through March 2017, and now a July 2017 update as “the playa is almost completely dry” with just a “few streams here and there.”

While it’s uncommon for water or mud to be present at all entering the month of July, weather experts and Burning man officials remain confident that any saturation will evaporate in time for Burning Man 2017 over  August 27 – September 4.

Even back in March, when things weren’t looking so hot (er, dry) — Mark Hall, the acting Black Rock Field Office manager for the Bureau of Land Management assured the Reno Gazette-Journal: “That’s why we’re a desert. This is a part of the world where, given the winds, lack of humidity and the like, it is dry.”


Burning Man countdown: The big event just 56 days away! The playa is almost dry. See where it's still wet:

Publicado por RGJ Reno Gazette-Journal em Segunda, 3 de julho de 2017