Camping at a festival requires many essentials, not least of all is your tent, your de facto home for the weekend. Choosing the right tent for the occasion can be an arduous endeavor, or you can just close your eyes on Amazon and take a chance, but for those who want the right tent, Ohnana is your next goal.

Ohnana specializes in temperature regulation, ensuring that you don’t wake up to a sauna in those hot mornings.

“We made this tent for people who want to make the most of their festival experience,” said the Founder and Owner of Ohnana Tents. “With Amsterdam being the EDM capital of the world, we’re no strangers to tenting out for experiencing the best DJ performances we can witness today. Instead of waking up at the crack of dawn from uncomfortable sweating, festivalgoers can guarantee perfect sleep for a fun day ahead.”

According to information provided by Ohnana, a proprietary polyester coating on top of the tent reflects infrared light, preventing the tent from heating up to “unbearable temperatures.” Furthermore, the material is waterproof so you’ll be shielded from the rain, as well.

Ohnana officially launched their Kickstarter this week. See here for more details, and watch the video below.