You might not recognize the name Georgi Kay, but you’ll undoubtedly recognize the work she’s responsible for.

As a solo artist, Georgi’s soundscape is much darker. Take the track we’re premiering today, “Scary People,” for instance. That low, steady, methodical rhythm is deliberate in its intention, not to mention the chorus which makes heavy use of distorted synths and repetitive vocals, effecting a hypnotic and torturous vibe.

The inspiration behind the track is equally rooted in a sort of terrifying macabre of modern societal horrors.

“[Scary People is inspired] by menacing political leaders and their selfless agendas, twisted corporations, war, violence, racial hate, sexual harassment, exploited religions…just to name a few.”

The track is purposely arranged in a way that feels like a living, breathing entity – the vocals acting as the blood coursing through its veins, keeping it alive and feeding it with nutrients.

Check out “Scary People” below.