The famous Cube 2.1 from Lots of Shows in a Row has a “mini me!”

Meet the latest Deadmau5 cube, Cube 2.2 — an all new motor-less version with the same visual capabilities, but really cute and little and stuff. After a widely successful round of shows with the massive Cube 2.1, Deadmau5 decided a portable version would be more appropriate to travel overseas, and expose the amazing visual production experience to even more fans.

The stage is an exact replica, according to Deadmau5, so he can easily convert the same visuals to the mini Cube 2.2 with seamless integration. At least, he’s making it sound that easy.

With Cube 2.1, Cube Lite, and now this mini version, the producer has cubes on cubes on cubes! Check out this little guy,¬†based on “The World’s Most Transformative DJ Stand!”


H/T: EDM Sauce | Photo via Deadmau5