Club mixes serve a very important purpose in dance music. Sometimes, your really intricate and inventive tracks are just too fucking hard to mix into – that’s where club mixes come into play. At the end of the day, they’re essentially edits to original tracks with tags on the beginning and end with popular BPMs making them easier to mix into and out of.

That isn’t to say that club mixes themselves have to be boring or exceedingly similar to the original. Cambridgeshire alt-chill producer Oscuro follows the success of last years’ album All In My Mind with a 3 track EP of club mixes, re-working some of the albums’ highlights into a more floor friendly format. Wanting to offer something a little different for his summer sets, he explains:

“Although the originals are electronic in nature, when I DJ I generally play house tunes so I wanted some different mixes that would sit comfortably between the sort of tracks I like to play. I made several and then chose my favourites for this release, I feel they each have a distinct character and will be a nice addition to any leftfield chill-house set.”

The EP features a variety of flavors to choose from – from the vocal driven “All In My Mind” to the intoxicatingly ambient “Pushing” to the classic house sounds of “Too Long.”

The All In My Mind’ club mixes EP is out on all digital outlets today, July 14.