Fan favorite rising stars Breathe Carolina have been continually making headlines with their infectious style of dance music that has crowds going wild across the nation. Teaming with Spinnin Records for their newest release, Breathe Carolina returns with their 5 track Coma EP which is a must hear as we head further into the summer season. From tropical pop stylings on their track “For U,” to the future bass and house combined hit single “Glue,” Breathe Carolina shows off their more humble and chill side compared to previous releases. Following up with hits like “Heart of the City” and “Coma” which carry more of the energy through the EP, Breathe leaves no stone unturned on this 5 track compilation.

“The ‘COMA EP’ is a HUGE step forward for us while paying respect to our past. When we began Breathe Carolina, David produced all the tracks in Garage Band and sang on the majority of them too. As we grew, we moved more towards writing material with pop elements, and started focusing more on the production value. From there we did a lot of co-production with a lot of bigger pop producers and different singers. Then we were writing more songs with less vocals and letting other people sing (when we had vocals) and using features… ‘COMA’ is the PERFECT blend of the two, we did the production and had David sing all the songs… It is a really cohesive body of work. We are VERY proud of it” – Breathe Carolina

You can check out the latest EP from Breathe Carolina below to get a taste as to what the group has been up to as of late, and prepare to catch Breathe Carolina as they hit major cities across the country throughout this year.