SoundCloud has experienced some crazy ups and downs recently…

The music streaming service made major cutbacks, shut down two offices, and slashed company employees by 40%. Then, after a popularized “50 day” statistic flooded headlines, the site released a statement clarifying that they were funded through Q4 (not just until Q4).

Either way, the fate of SoundCloud was not looking promising, until Chance the Rapper swooped in to save the day, and the company reassured everyone: “Your music isn’t going anywhere. Neither are we.”

Chance the Rapper Saves SoundCloud

But, while Chance was there to save the day, Deadmau5 swooped in to point out some glaring issues and offer insight on his overall disapproval of the way things are running now.

Deadmau5 on SoundCloud Controversy

Feature Image by AP Photo/Victoria Will