A year ago, the idea of Madeon and Porter Robinson releasing a collaboration felt like a distant desire for their eager and like-minded fan bases. By August of 2016, the two producers unveiled “Shelter” and unleashed a second-wind to both of their successful solo tours off of their respective debut albums Adventure (2015) and Worlds (2014). Aside from fan adoration from both camps, “Shelter” spawned a collaborative world tour which included new live edits and mashups of Porter and Madeon’s music and a short anime film/music video.

However, in a tweet from Madeon, he announced that “Shelter” reached 100 million streams today across music and video streaming platforms and apps. Madeon expressed joy with a sense of accomplishment saying, “The craziest thing about it to me is that we made it all on our own. There wasn’t an army of writers and label people. We just sat down and made a song we cared about.” Porter Robinson has retweeted Madeon to share this momentous occasion.

It’s been over a year since either Porter Robinson or Madeon has released new material and we hope to hear from both of them in the near future.