Criminalization of drugs can have more far-reaching effects than just the prisons. When you make people afraid of consequences, sometimes their common sense goes out the window and tragedies can happen.

A 24-year-old outside of Poljud Stadium, where Ultra Europe is held, this past weekend unfortunately passed away after he attempted to swallow a baggie of weed evading police, and subsequently choked on it.

The man was approached by police at approximately 8:30 pm, suspected of drug possession, and fled the scene. Police caught up to him and he was handcuffed. At some point during the chase, he attempted to swallow the bag – as they arrived at the station, the man became ill and police called for medical assistance. He passed away by the time he arrived at the hospital.

While certain drugs remain illegal, and it is your personal responsibility to follow those laws, results like these bring into question the efficacy of laws regarding victim-less crime (like drug possession). When someone dies as a result of trying to hide a small amount of marijuana, as opposed to being detained by police, is that a righteous outcome? Certainly not.

The case will be investigated by the state attorney’s office.


via Total Croatia News