As fun as music festivals are for music fans, they can pose logistical problems to cities. Prime example? Ultra Music Festival, which despite being a huge money-maker continues to face challenges from Miami’s residents and government alike. Festivals require careful planning, resource management and proper approval in order to truly succeed.

The proposed, untitled Denver music festival from promoter Superfly will be facing its biggest city hurdle soon as the Denver City Council vote on its contract. Responsible for festivals such as Outside Lands and Bonnaroo, Superfly announced the new festival a few months ago, and the vote to determine its future could take place as soon as next Monday. The Denver City Council will vote on the festival’s contract, which proposes the venue of city golf course Overland Park, a five-year term running from 2018 to 2022, festival dates of the 2nd or 3rd Friday and Saturday of September and a timetable from 12 to 10 p.m. Four stages are planned, including a main stage, two side stages and a comedy stage.

The contract summary outlines a number of other proposed conditions, including load-in and loud-out time, a maximum attendance of 80,000 per day, fees and taxes, a shuttle system, free bike valet and ride-share kiosk (as part of a making the festival a non-driving festival) and other items. According to the Denver Post, Denver City Council members such as Jolon Clark, whose district includes the venue, approve of the festival. The Council will hold a public hearing next Monday, and from there either vote to approve the contract or wait a week to review.

Your EDM will report on the Council’s decision as soon its made, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks.