The R. Kelly “Sex Cult” controversy has the internet’s attention at the moment — and as the story unfolds, probably the best thing to do is not get involved. In a case like this, one should avoid making jokes about R. Kelly, his sex cult, and especially a potential membership to said sex cult. Right?!

But, no — R. Kelly is now the butt of every joke and evenĀ Diplo just couldn’t resist. In a since deleted tweet, the producer poked fun at the situation in saying, “Low key sent my cv for r kelly sex cult membership.”

On the surface, it’s funny — the idea of Diplo signing up to be R. Kelly’s sex slave. But, when taking into consideration Kelly’s long list of sex crime allegations, and how serious this matter might be for the lives of these young females and their families, the joke loses its appeal.

Although this Tweet wasn’t in good taste, we can all relate to saying something we shouldn’t, then deleting. This one just happened to be an especially touchy subject. And, of course, the internet doesn’t forget.