Gryffin & Illenium’s “Feel Good” wasn’t the only track to receive a remix package today. Alan Walker’s “Tired,” which has already been remixed to great effect by Kygo, received a full remix package today featuring tracks from Axollo, Lemarroy, Kovan & Alex Skrindo, Bruno Martini, K-391, Steerner & Tobu, and from Alan Walker himself.

Axollo gives the track a bouncier rhythm; Lemarroy offers up a smoother, more future bass influenced interpretation; Kovan & Skrindo pump the energy up with a high octane progressive house banger; Bruno Martini keeps the progressive house theme going with a more melodic interpretation.

K-391, a frequent Walker collaborator, was a bit more… ambitious with his remix. Though honestly it doesn’t seem to really translate that well when it comes right down to it. Steerner & Tobu finish off the EP with an upbeat, feel good house mix.

One remix that we haven’t touched on yet is Walker’s own remix, which curiously also features Bruno Martini. It definitely sounds like Alan Walker, and if you know Walker’s sound, then that’s pretty much all we have to say for it – lots of staccato synth stabs, a sort of chewy, sweet melody, and an almost soulless rhythm.

Check out the full remix pack below.