Axwell Λ Ingrosso’s lead EP single “More Than You Know” has been nothing short of a crossover streaming smash racking up a cool 90 million Spotify streams in less than 2 months. The duo has been smart to capitalize on the success of that record to keep on pushing forward and this 12-minute long short film might just be the perfect thing for that.

Firstly, the video is actually specific to the EP More Than You Know rather than just the single. It consists of four segments (from the four different records) and follows a blond protagonist on a wild night out on the town consisting of romance and plenty of alcohol. The way that the film is shot and cut in an old-school VHS style format also perfectly conveys the grittiness and hedonistic atmosphere of the night, kudos are certainly due to director Nicholas Caeyers for that.

Stream it below!


Featured Image: Rukes