Gryffin and Illenium’s hit “Feel Good” with Daya just got served up with a fantastic remix package. Interpretations of the track come from the likes of Brooks, Crankdat, T-Mass & LZRD, and Valy Mo.

Brooks, as you might expect, takes a significantly more house-centric approach to the remix, filled with bouncy synths and that classic main stage saw sound. The Crankdat remix came out back in May, but we still love seeing it in the official package – it features an uncharacteristically progressive house sensibility, particularly at odds to Crankdat’s normal productions. (Though if you really know Crankdat, you know that he really doesn’t give a f*ck what he produces as long as his fans like it.)

Next up is the T-Mass and LZRD remix is the first “bass”-ish remix in the package, definitely taking on a slower tempo and some clear future bass and trap influences. However, if you’re planning on writing this off just because you “don’t like future bass,” you’re making the wrong choice. The remix is diverse and extremely well-produced, and anyone with an ear for good music can find something to appreciate in this.

Finally, we have a somewhat lesser known Valy Mo – and this one is pure, filthy dubstep. You might find some similarities to MUST DIE! or Eptic in here, in which case – like me – you’re headbanging at your desk.

All of these remixes are available to stream below.