It’s no secret that remixes are all the rage these days. With every hit song that comes out, immediately hundreds of producers rush to see who can be the first to get the best re-make up. That being said, it takes real ingenuity and a bit of genius to take a song we already love, and truly make it better. Clearly, with this slammin’ Zookëper remix of OVRBRD, he has done just that.

One of the original members of Cash Cash, New Jersey native Zookëper is no stranger to creating hit songs. When asked about how this particular collaboration came to be, he remarked:

“I got sent this song by Hariz and I really liked the vocal melody and vibe of the record. Right away I had ideas for where to take the songs production. I produced the song out with some horns and I sampled a piece of Hariz‘ original vocal to make up the bulk of the production. I changed the drum programming and did some additional sound design, the whole thing was done really quickly. I’m really happy I got to collaborate with Hariz on this release.”

Even Hariz himself had to rave about the outcome of the remix, stating:

“As I was listening to the remix, I couldn’t stop moving to it. The track lights something up within you and you can’t help but groove. The song’s message is the same as the original track, but this production makes you want to dance while your singing it. It was a fun collaboration with Zookëper, and the remix is definitely an awesome vibe.”

And truer words couldn’t be spoken. The lighthearted, fun, addictive track will have you dancing the rest of your summer away. With its energizing movement, intoxicating rolling synths, and satisfying base punches, there’s something in here for everyone! So do yourself a favor, and get it here right now!