UPDATE: Poo Bear has recanted his earlier tweet. “Would You Ever” is not coming out this Wednesday, but we can assume that it is coming out VERY soon.

Start your hype engines… Skrillex has a new track coming out this Wednesday with prolific songwriter and producer Poo Bear.

This is Skrillex’s second song of 2017, following up “Chicken Soup” with Habstrakt which was released as part of theĀ HOWSLA compilation album back in May.

A clip of the track has been leaked online already and features a pumped up house beat with some signature Skrillex vocal chops and a cool, pleasant melody. Users have shown it being blocked when trying to upload the track to Soundcloud, confirming at the very least that the leak is legitimate.

Some users in the Skrillex subreddit have also begun to suspect a new Skrillex album is on the way. There’s currently no information to really back this up, but it’s been two years since his debut albumĀ Recess – we wouldn’t put it against him if he was coming out with something big.