You can always count on WE ARE FURY to deliver riveting remixes. The Canadian duo have created a stellar trap remix of ARMORS’ single “Kerosene” creating a new take on the original alt-rock track. This new remix comes off the heels of their successful debut EP Signal Fires.

“The Armors boys actually messaged us on SoundCloud saying they heard about us from Mako, and they sent over a handful of unreleased tunes, asking us if we’d like to remix any. We didn’t really have any expectations but when we heard Olen’s voice (Armors singer) we knew we could make something special with it, and we’re happy that we did.” – WE ARE FURY 

The track begins with the original vocals while WE ARE FURY builds up suspense in the background with strings and rhythmic synths. When the drop comes in, we are hit with WE ARE FURY’s signature bass sound, intricate sub movement, and some subtle brass. A new summer jam no doubt!

Take a listen to the track below: