A week ago, no one knew who Knodis was. Now, you kno who dis is… (I’m so fucking sorry.)

But on a more serious note, Knodis made his grand entrance last week when he collaborated with the Space Mom herself, Rezz, on “Premonition.” This was the very first track ever released under the Knodis name.

Today, he just released his very first solo original, titled “Broken Circuit.” You can still hear a bit of Rezz influence in it, but perhaps that’s just because it’s his only solo original we’ve heard. To me, I can hear a little bit of The M Machine, a little bit of Nero or Gesaffelstein, maybe even a little Virtual Riot and some pretty dank breakbeats.

It’s impossible to say what kind of future Knodis will have – but with a Rezz collaboration already under his (or her?) belt, and a solid solo original fired off, there’s loads of room up above.

Check out “Broken Circuit” below.


Photo via www.prolophoto.com