It takes a special kind of producer to take a widely beloved track like Outkast‘s “Ms. Jackson” — a true classic — and transform it into a modern day remixed hit. San Holo is one of those producers.

Let’s get one thing straight: singing “I’m sorry Ms. Jackson, ooh ooh! I am for reaaal!” has never gotten old and probably never will. But, the electronic infused upgrade San Holo brings to this official remix does make “Ms. Jackson” scream modern in ways she never could back in 2000. Although this first came out in 2015 as a bootleg, we absolutely don’t mind this official release in 2017.

Deep, fat bass and enthusiastic percussion gets mellowed out by the lighthearted plucks, inviting pads, and twinkling sound effects, creating some sort of futuristic tropical trap effect. Then, the unexpected “twirl” comes in and totally changes the game.

Put this on repeat foreva, foreva eva!