It’s no surprise that many DJs themselves aren’t fans of the DJ Mag Top 100.

What was once a poll that actually scored DJs based on their DJ’ing ability has become more or less a popularity poll, based on who has the biggest tracks… or the biggest marketing budget.

Dozens of DJs will actually create campaigns to vie for votes, the end result being a higher booking fee in markets in Asia (for the most part). But Laidback Luke has never put any money into getting votes for the poll – he doesn’t see it as a worthy investment.

Furthermore, Luke points out something you might not realize – when you vote for your favorite DJs and they rank higher, you’re going to end up paying more to see them. And they’ll probably end up doing fewer small, local shows, as well.

“Now who pays these fees? Is it the promoters? No my dear viewers, it’s you paying the higher price.”

All credit due to producers/DJs who deserve their success, but just something to think about.

Watch the whole vlog below.