deadmau5 fans are geeking out because the producer is working on a film project for the very first time!

In a recently shared teaser, “Terrors In My Head” starts to play out and then morphs into an dark tinged, industrialized score. “First time mixing for film 🙂 so much fun!” the caption reads.

A mudslide of comments ask the same question over and over again — “What movie?!” and “Which film?!” But we all know very well we’re only going to get that vital tidbit of info when he’s good and ready to divulge it.

deadmau5 has been busy experimenting with his sound lately, working with newly signed mau5trap rapper Shotty Horroh, and on some new stuff of his own. He’s such a masterful sound designer, it’s actually kind of surprising he hasn’t been working as a film composer until now… Listen here!

deadmau5 Mixing for Film

First time mixing for film 🙂 so much fun!

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Photo via Rukes