Late last night, we reported that TomorrowWorld could be returning as early as 2018, based on a statement made by Tomorrowland representative Debby Wilmsen to the publication De Tijd.

In the statement, Wilmsen said, “The relations between SFX and Tomorrowland were acidified, but now that new people are in control of the current LiveStyle, there is a new approach.” SFX rebranded as LiveStyle in December last year as a result of its inability to perform business due to a lack of consumer confidence.

We reached out to Wilmsen ourselves who confirmed to us that Tomorrowland has a renewed contract with LiveStyle, and would like to continue expanding abroad.

They did not have any further information on the renewed expansion, such as time or location.

TomorrowWorld did not return in 2016 after the previous year was hit with a large storm and attendees were forced to walk miles to find an uber in the cold and rain. Hopefully when it eventually returns, more consideration will be given to contingency plans.

More on this as information becomes available.