If you’ve been paying attention to um.. recently, you know they’ve got a new EP coming out Thursday. We’ve actually got the second track of the EP here for you today, “farfetched” with sumthin sumthin.

The EP, A Dogs Tale, is all about puns. Seriously. Every track on the EP has something to do with dogs, whether it’s licking, fetching, scratching, what have you. Today’s collaboration is about fetching! Well, it’s not really about fetching… but you get my point.

In collaboration with sumthin sumthin, um.. has once again flipped sound design convention on its head and gone, “Well, what if we do this?” It’s obscenely wonky and incessantly weird, just as we’ve come to expect from the duo. With ever track that Um.. has put out, I’ve wondered how it would go down live. And every time I’ve seen them live, I’ve been hit with the realization of, “Oh, that’s how.”

I have no doubt that this track will follow that same pattern. Check out “farfetched” below.

We asked both artists for quotes about their time working on the track, and, well…

sumthin sumthin: “Super stoked on how the track came out, working with um.. was a pleasant experience”

um.. “the most challenging part about this collab was writing this quote”