It’s not uncommon for an artist to have their own group on Facebook these days. Rezz has one, Porter has one, K?d has one (we’re actually seeing a pattern here), Excision has one, and so does Illenium. In these groups, it’s also not uncommon for the artist to chime in from their personal account. In this instance, we’re talking about Nick Miller aka Illenium who just revealed the tracklist to his forthcoming sophomore album.

In the Illenium Facebook group, Miller just shared the tracklist to his new album, which he said will be announced on Monday along with his new song “Crawl Outta Love” with Annika Wells.

“Album release getting ANNOUNCED with crawl Monday,” he said. “Pre order avail next week.”

Previously released songs that will be on the album include “Feel Good” with Gryffin and Daya, as well as “Fractures” with Nevve and “Sound Of Walking Away” with Kerli. Fellow collaborators on the album include Ember Island, MAX, Said The Sky, RUNN, Dia Frampton, and EMILIE BRANDT.

More information on the album coming on Monday!

Illenium Album Tracklist

  1. Needed You ft. Dia Frampton
  2. Crawl Outta Love ft. Annika Wells
  3. No Time Like Now
  4. Free Fall ft. RUNN
  5. Where’d U Go w/ Said The Sky
  6. Fractures ft. Nevve
  7. I’m Leaving ft. XXXX [probably EDEN]
  8. Lost ft. Emilie
  9. Sound Of Walking Away ft. Kerli
  10. Taking Me Higher
  11. Feel Good w/ Gryffin & Daya
  12. Beautiful Creatures ft. MAX
  13. Let You Go ft. Ember Island


Photo by The Holy Mountain for Insomniac