Kendal Calling is an annual four-day music festival, which takes place at Lowther Deer Park in the UK – normally, it’s fairly peaceful and without incident. But this past weekend, one woman was the victim of a thoughtless and honestly brutal physical attack with no prior provocation.

As shown in the video below, an innocent girl attempted to take a photo of a crowd separated in the mud during the festival. As she moves into a second position, a woman comes from the crowd behind her and tackles her at the waist, bringing her down to the ground, now motionless.

No one from the crowd was laughing though as the attacked sheepishly ran back to her previous spot in the crowd – but not before also stealing her victim’s hat.

There is literally no room for this kind of behavior anywhere, let alone at a music festival.

“[She] was examined by St John’s Ambulance after an incident in the mud,” a spokesperson for Kendal Calling said. “She was checked out, found to be fine and went back in to enjoy the festival.”