After just releasing his last single “Would You Ever” with Poo Bear, Skrillex is back again on another collaborative endeavor with DJ Sliink and legendary rapper Wale.

The track, “Saint Laurent,” is a quirky jersey club jaunt with a little more grit under the hood. There are none of the stereotypical bed squeaks in this one (is it even jersey anymore?) but make no mistake, it still has that distinct swagger.

“DJ Sliink’s sound is one of the most influential styles in mainstream music and most people don’t know it. I’m just honored to be a part of his original vision and help him with the beat. And props to Wale for showing love to the underground and fuckn’ with Jersey Club” – Skrillex

Wale’s contribution ends up being your pretty standard rap fare; that is to say, just a tad underwhelming. But really, his name is there for that visibility. It’s clearly Skrillex & Sliink’s production on display here and it’s fun as all get out.

Check out “Saint Laurent” below.


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