A little under a year ago, the duo known as KUURO made their way into the spotlight with their original “Aamon,” a song that was epic and mysterious as the members’ hidden identities. Although KUURO surprisingly ended up revealing their identities (Juventa and Luke Shipstad) earlier this summer, the magic in their music and aesthetic most definitely hasn’t gone away.

From the beginning, KUURO has had a unique way of combining festival-style music with incredible cover art and grade-A sound design. Though sound design has always been an important factor in Juventa’s music, the KUURO project has given both he and Shipstad an excuse to showcase their range of production capabilities, with the duo hopping between countless styles of bass music.

KUURO has experimented with everything from electro house to moombahton, but hard dance has definitely been one of the more recurring genres in their discography, with the style showing up heavily in their early releases like “Fade to Black” and the “Need You” remix. Sadly, this style never got to see the light of day with a full-blown Monstercat release… That is, until today.

“Rapture” is everything fans could have hoped for, and more. The track is as epic as ever with its detailed soundscapes, but is made complete with a hard-hitting 150-BPM festival drop and raw topline verse from MC Mota. While this one doesn’t – at least for me – necessarily hold the potential “track of the year” status that “Possession” did, it’s still pretty damn good.

Listen to “Rapture” and download the track below:

Support on all platforms: Monstercat.lnk.to/Rapture