A death at Lightning in a Bottle music festival has been ruled as an accidental LSD overdose, according to the coroner involved with the case.

The 20-year-old victim, Baylee Ybarra Gatlin, died May 28 after being transported from LIB to Monterey County to Twin Cities Community Hospital.

“The manner of death is listed as accidental. The cause of death is listed as Acute Lysergic Acid Diethylamide (LSD) Toxicity,” according to the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Office autopsy results.

Your EDM spoke with DanceSafe, an organization dedicated to providing the electronic music community with knowledge, health and safety. The source said the amount of LSD needed to actually kill a person is unknown, because it’s never happened. There have been two claimed cases before, both poorly documented, and then this one. DanceSafe has attempted to reach the coroner, and has filed an open records request.

Lightning in a Bottle’s harm reduction section on the website states: “LIB is a drug-free event. That’s the law of the land. But we know that despite this, people will choose to use drugs, just as they do in larger society. We want to keep people alive, happy and out of the medical tent.”

DanceSafe, and other organizations and resources, are provided for LIB attendees on site.

Baylee’s obituary read:

“To know Baylee was to be swept up in her radiant, positive energy. She had that infectious, inviting smile that made you smile too – even if you didn’t want to. It’s a rare gift to make everyone you come across feel special. She had that gift. Many friends, family members, and acquaintances have shared with us just how special she made them feel. If you want to honor Baylee, please do so by continuing the legacy she brought into this world. Pet every dog you come across; be kind to everyone but especially to those who need it just a little bit more; see the good in everyone you meet, listen to all kinds of good music and dance daily, stop to enjoy every sunset, make time for the people you cherish, surround yourself in beauty, honor the Earth, live in the moment, enjoy your favorite foods and don’t forget to ‘treat yourself.'”

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